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When is father's day in 2018? Best cool unique gift ideas for Dads who have everything

2018 FATHER'S DAY is Sunday, June 17. Best cool unique gift ideas for Dads who have everything from daughter and son.

Stressing over what to buy for Daddy on special events such as his birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas? We have listed more than 30 gift ideas for Dad from his son or daughter, which, are useful, thoughtful, unique enough to be what he needs even though we think our dads already have everything. Check out below.


Ok, this is a must. Who doesn’t need wallet?! Some good leather wallet is not very expensive for your tight budget.


Never too old fashion for a perfect gift for beloved Dad. All of them need at least one watch in their life. That branded Swiss watch maybe expensive, you may try electronic watch which is just as good or a simple Android smart watch which is below $50.

Shaving set

Makes his normal activities into something interesting and pleasing.

Hair products 

If your father suffers from hair loss and thin hair, try out some good products that help strengthen his hair strands and promote hair growth.

Health book 

As people grow old they tend to take care of their health better. A good about healthy living won’t be a bad idea.


See if your dad is a photographer enthusiast. A camera will help him discover new hobbies or just bring back his good old memory with film camera.

Guitar picks

If he loves to play the guitar, nothing is as meaningful as guitar picks, trust me.

Giant beer glass 

Dad will love to have this, well if he drinks.

A pair of slippers 

Lightweight, convenient, great for travel to tropical countries.

Book of topics that he likes 

My Dad loves mysteries and history books. How about yours?


Sound simple but necessary, make sure you pick some unique designs or colors that he likes.

His favorite snack 

My Dad loves chocolate and cheese; he eats them every day before sleep.

Travel bag 

Men likes to pack light and compact. Pick a medium sized bag that can contain all he needs when he travels.

His favorite beer 

As I said earlier, if he drinks beer. If your Dad drinks coffee instead, pick some of his favorite brands.

Phone case 

Pick the designs and material that suit him well.

Fitness tracker 

This device feature many functions that provide a lot of information about his heart rate, calorie burn, GPS, hours of sleep etc. Choose the one that fit what he needs as well as your budget.

Massage ball 

A cheap self massage tool for muscle relief, you can also buy foam rollers instead, especially if he has back pain.

Pullup bar 

Great for upper body workout for the fitness dad and they are only under $20.

Walking shoes 

Pick him a pair of good walking shoes that he will use for everyday activities.

Knee sleeves 

Great for pain relief and workout recovery. He will need this if he uses his knees a lot.

Tennis brace 

Helps treat elbow tendonitis or related conditions and protect against ankle and knee injuries.

Workout gloves 

Protect his hands during heavy training or lifting heave objects.


Cheap exercise equipment for strength training and muscle toning.

Other good cheap exercise equipment 

Buy these as fitness gifts for him such as kettlebell, suspension trainer, gymnastic ring, etc you can read my in depth article here.

Floss band 

A multipurpose tool that helps improve range of mobility, joint restoration and recovery by flushing out toxins, lactic acid and scar tissue.

Compression sleeves 

Reduce fatigue, support recovery, relieve shin splint splints and improve circulation.

Dip belt 

Great for lifters by adding extra weights when they perform heavy duty exercises.


Something to protect his skin in this hot summer or simply a great pair of hats for both father and son.


Pick out the cool designs that can melt his heart below, exclusively for his special days. Only from $$ for a printed T-shirt with creative designs.


Not only printed on T-shirts, those cool designs also are available on mugs.
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