Tuesday, June 6, 2017

DIY: Homemade Crossfit Garage Gym Packages

Thinking of building a Crossfit garage gym at home? If you don't know where to start and you are on a budget, this article is for you. We have prepared a list of essential equipment packages for Crossfit below as well as Do-It-Yourdelf  instruction videos so that you can save money for a couples of equipment.

Note that you are dealing with strength training, if you can not build the equipment properly you may risk hurting yourself. Some of the high quality equipment are not expensive as you may think, save time and effort for them.
  1. Homemade Olympic Barbell DIY

    Cheap homemade Olympic bar for less then $15 video

    It is recommended to have a 7.2 ft and 20 kg (44 pounds) barbell for men . Barbell for women is shorter: 6.6 ft and lighter: 33lb (15 kg) .
  2. Homemade Olympic Bumper plates DIY

    These are weight plates that are used in Olympic lifting. A full set of bumper plates ranges from 10 to 45 pounds.
  3. Homemade Plyometric box DIY 

    Plyo boxes are great for speed and strength training. We have an in depth article here for you to make a 3 in 1 wooden plyo box by yourself: http://www.folxies.com/2017/05/build-diy-plyometric-box.html
  4. Homemade Pull-up bar DIY

    Pull-up/Chin-up bars are cheap but if you don't mind to spend some time to make one, here is the video for you.
  5. Gymnastic rings DIY  

    These old fashioned rings are essentials for your Crossfit package. And you know what? They are pretty cheap especially the PVC ones. If you have more money, go for wooden rings.

    How to make wooden gymnastic rings for workout

    How to make PVC gymnastic rings for workout

  6. Medicine Ball/Slam Ball DIY 

    Homemade 20lb Medicine/Slam Ball 


    Click here to read the article where we compared Exercise Balls vs Medicine Balls vs Slam Balls vs Wall Balls, not all balls are made equal.
  7. Homemade Kettlebell DIY  

    Kettlebells are essentials for your Crossfit package. If you decide to buy kettlebells instead of making one, make sure to buy those that are made of high quality iron or steel, with lifetime guarantee.

  8. Homemade Jump rope DIY  

    A DIY really? Jump ropes are just so cheap actually but if you are curious to know how to make it, below is the instruction video. 

  9. Homemade Speed Rope DIY  

  10. Homemade Climbing Rope DIY

  11. Homemade Parallettes DIY  

  12. Dip Station DIY 

    We have an in depth article here: http://www.folxies.com/2017/06/diy-dip-station-dip-bar-dip-stand.html
  13. Rowing Machine DIY 

    We know that rowing machines are effective for weightloss and toning, but they aren't cheap. Learn how to make one that you can afford in the video below.

  14. GHD (Glute ham developer/Roman chair) DIY  

    One of the expensive equipment that should exist in your Crossfit package. Now you can build it yourself. 
  15. Power Rack DIY

    We have an in depth article here: http://www.folxies.com/2017/05/steps-how-to-make-diy-power-rack.html . Click here to read Top10 Best Budget Power Rack Reviews in 2017.
  16. Squat Stand DIY 

  17. Weight Holder DIY  

  18. Weight Bench DIY  

  19. Homemade Wall Ball DIY

    Although wall ball is not that expensive, it's interesting to know how to make a wall ball that actually works.

  20. Homemade Dumbbells DIY


    How to make dumbbells at home with cement/concrete video:


    How to make dumbbells with water bottles video:

    Additional equipment:
    1. Spring Collars 

      These collars are used in weightlifting bars to secure weights on the barbells.
    2. Abdominal Mat 

      Ab mats give you the full support while performing sit-ups and crunches.
    3. Steel Plate

    4. Suspension Trainer DIY

    5. Stud Bar

      This equipment is known as the kipping pull-up bar for Crossfit.
    6. Rubber Floor Mat

    7. Crossfit Whiteboard DIY

      You will need a whiteboard for "Workout of the Day" as a motivation to hit your goals. Whether it is a
      traditional one with dry erase markers, a magnetic whiteboard or a sheet of Melamine board, just go for the one that meets your budget. 

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