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How to make DIY Dip bar/Dip station plans using PVC or Wood for home use

Dip bar or dip station is great for upper body workout. If you don’t have much money to spend, consider make it on your own by material such as PVC or wood. In this artcle we will show you how to make a portable dip bar plan for home use the cheap way using PVC pipe or wood. However you can use inexpensive alternatives such as chairs or some sturdy bars as long as they work well.

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DIY Dip Station PVC

Materials needed:
  1. Four to ten pieces of 1.5" PVC pipes. If you want your dip bar to be sturdy, make it with more pipes and elbows. The length of the pipe is 10 – 20 feet depending on your choice, 1 and a half inch diameter.

  2. Four to seven pieces of 90 degree PVC elbows

  3. 4 pieces of 90 degree street elbows

  4. 4 pieces of end caps or wyes

  5. 4 pieces of PVC T- Joint connectors or Tees

  6. 1.5 inch thick heavy duty grip tape

  7. A hand saw

  8. Sharpie pen/marker

  9. Measuring tape

  10. PVC primer and cement or PVC glue

Step One

You may need to sketch the design for better visualization. Measure, mark your pipes and ready to cut them. There are local stores that have pre-cut pipes, check if they have so you can save this step. Mark with sharpie pen the following dimensions.

24” x 2 feet long pieces
36" x 4 feet long pieces
31" x 2 feet long pieces
25.75" x 1 foot long piece
26.75" x 1 foot long piece
32.5" x1 foot long piece

You should have around 10 pipes to prepare. Because we want to make a really sturdy dip bar. If you think these are too many, reduce the pipes up to your choice. Mark the pipes carefully so we can glue them together later.

Step Two

Cut your PVC pipes as designed earlier with a saw or handsaw. If you’re inexperienced with the saw, you’d better clamp the pipe a few inches before the cut and secure it with a vise. Then when you are about to cut the pipe, place the blade and cut straight down without hesitation to ensure you cut the pipes with exact measurements.

Step Three

Glue all the 90 degree elbows on the ends of the cut pipes. These are for the top and bottom of the dip bar. Remember that the “glueing” process is very fast so you have to join them very quick, firmly and correctly. Make sure the elbows are placed in the same direction. Do the same with all the “legs” of the bar.

Step Four

Next is to place T-Joint connectors, wyes and end caps on the end of each of the legs and side legs. The street elbows are for bottom part, to put the bottom rails on.

Step Five

If you feel insecure, you can add some extra glue on the joints (not end caps). Before using your dip bar, always check the joints if they are glued firmly.

Step Six (optional)

Using matt spray paint or something similar to decorate your dip bar if you don’t like either black or white pipes.

Step Seven (optional)

Wrap grip tape around the bar handles.

Those 1.5" PVC pipes can support up to 220 lbs. If you think that its not enough, you can buy PVC pipes with greater diameter or construct more pipes and 90 degree PVC elbows to make it more rigid.


DIY Dip Station Wood

If you have more space at home and want to make a diy dip station using wood instead, you may need:
  1. Pipe flanges x2 (wrapped with grip tape if you want)

  2. 36” x 4 pieces of wood

  3. 24” ½’ x 2 pieces of wood

  4. 24” x 3 pieces of wood

  5. 27” ½’ x 2 pieces of wood

  6. Measuring tape

  7. Post hole digger

  8. 3" screws

The dimensions above can be changed depending on the distance between your shoulders (plus 6 inches) as well as the space you have at home.

Drill and attach the two pipe flanges to the four 36” standing pieces. The two 24” ½’ pieces will serve as the base. Then add the three 24” pieces (or more) to the front and back of the stand to make it more rigid. Finally add two 27” ½’ pieces to the sides of the stand. If you want it to practice firmly with it, simply add more straps and supports.
DIY Dip Station Wood video:

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