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Rep Fitness PR-5000 V2 Power Rack Reviews

At the danger of sounding extremely repetitive, I don't perceive some other organizations disturbing the market as much as Rep Fitness.

They are putting out amazing pieces with genuine development at a fast pace… and at extremely solid costs for sure.

Subsequent to discharging the PR-5000 arrangement a couple of months back, they returned to the planning phase to refine a few things, including a few highlights to deal with some extraordinary glancing connections in the pipeline.

The new Rep Fitness PR-5000 v2 offers a few alternatives including various measurements, numerous hues (counting treated steel), and different connections.

In this article, we'll investigate the rack specs, the general customization choices, and why you may consider this one over the Rep Fitness PR-4000.

Rep Fitness PR-5000 v2 Rack 

As far as general specs, the PR-5000 v2 is made of 3×3″ 11-measure steel and it incorporates 1″ openings with 2″ dispersing all through the rack. As you'll peruse underneath, they have made another style of j-cups that considers 1″ dispersing all through the rack to truly dial in the alterations. The uprights incorporate lasered opening numbers on each gap, which contrasts from the PR-4000 (each fifth gap). The uprights also incorporate a 4-way gap structure with a similar size gap toward each path. They are somewhat counterbalanced from one another (for example front/back versus sides), yet this still takes into account an exceptionally productive rack format with a huge amount of flexibility.

You can purchase the rack with three diverse tallness alternatives: 80″, 93″, or 100″. This varies from the PR-4000, which does exclude a 100″ alternative. Valuing will depend to a great extent on the shading/finish alternative you select notwithstanding the stature choice, obviously. Notwithstanding the stature, you can likewise choose between a 30″ inside profundity or a 48″ inside profundity. This will incompletely rely upon your inclination of inward lifting space and afterward additionally on your inclination of tying down the rack. A 30″ rack ought to be tied down to the floor except if you have the front feet stabilizer, while a 48″ doesn't really should be the length of you have the back stabilizer (with or without the front stabilizer). Utilize your best judgment here – you might need to stay a 30″ rack in any case.

Notwithstanding these choices, you additionally can include a plate stockpiling region, which will change over the PR-5000 v2 from a 4-present rack on a 6-post rack. On the off chance that you do add plates to the capacity region, this will to a great extent wipe out the need to stay your rack (once more, utilize your best judgment) because of the sheer weight of the whole get together. The upcharge on this will again rely upon the stature of the rack just as the shading/finish level.

To outline, this rack ought to be rushed into the ground except if both of coming up next is valid:

You buy a 6-post rack.

You buy the back base stabilizer with the 48″ inside 4-post rack.

You buy the front foot expansions.


For connections, the PR-5000 v2 is propelling with a few incredible choices, and they have a few more in the line, including mono arms, switch arms, and so forth… The accompanying three classes speak to your fundamental connections. Your rack will consequently accompany the base form of them, and afterward, you can redesign as you wish. For instance, the rack accompanies pin and pipe securities. These expenses $59, however, that is as of now remembered for the cost of the rack. On the off chance that you need to move up to the flip-down protections ($149), you would just pay the distinction between them ($90).

Rep Fitness PR 5000 v2 - Pull Up Bars - Garage Gym LabPull-Up Bars – With the PR-5000 v2, you have the decision between a 1.25″ draw up bar or a 2″ pull-up bar as standard. You would then be able to move up to a multi-grasp pull-up bar or a front-mounted globe pull-up bar with various hand-hold alternatives. The upcharges for the non-standard bars are $60 and $120, individually. Remember that on the off chance that you reverse the multi-grasp bar it will add some extra stature to the general rack.

Rep Fitness PR 5000 v2 - safeguards - Garage Gym LabSafeties – The rack accompanies pin and pipe securities, as referenced previously. You can move up to a couple of flip-downs for $90 more or you can move up to safety belts for $40 more. Remember the cost of the protections will rely upon the inside profundity you pick. I utilized the 30″ profundity. The 48″ profundity will accompany a greater expense just as a marginally more significant expense differential between alternatives.

Rep Fitness PR 5000 v2 - J-cups - Garage Gym LabJ-Cups – The J-cups on the PR-5000 v2 are entirely smooth. Rep Fitness has made some decent looking sandwich cups with treated steel emphasizes. The one of a kind thing about what Rep is making here is an ordinary tallness cup (3.5″ estimated from the pin to the highest point of the j-bend) and a brought down stature cup (4.5″). At the point when utilized pair, it makes a situation where you can accomplish 1″ opening (A.K.A. Westside) separating. On the off chance that you do the brought down cup choice, you would buy this as a bundle. On the off chance that you choose for the brought down sandwich cup, it includes $40 over the ordinary brought down choice ($168 versus $118). Obviously, you can generally simply pick the single cups which run from $49 (standard) to $119 (adjusted sandwich).

Notwithstanding these important connections, you additionally have the choice to pick from a rundown of cool extra connections. Here are a couple of remarkable ones:

Spotter arms – If you like working off the front of your rack as I do, these are extremely useful. Remember that if your rack isn't darted down, you will require the front stabilizer feet to utilize these. The cost is $159.

Front Foot Extension – These are required if your rack isn't rushed down (or generally balanced out) and you need to utilize the spotter's arms. The cost is $99.

Lat Pulldown/Low Row – This is an amazing connection that, as the name infers, enables you to perform lat pulldowns, low columns, and other link developments. It likewise accompanies the back stabilizer that is required to utilize this connection. It can likewise be joined with the approaching coordinated belt squat connection originating from Rep Fitness in the following scarcely any months. This is at present accessible for the 93″ rack, however, different adaptations will be accessible in the coming months. The cost is $448.

Leg Rollers – Leg rollers are compelling for a few things, including split squats, sissy squats, extending, and so forth… They likewise can be utilized with the PR-5000 to settle the legs during the lat pulldown. This is a great idea. The cost is $139 for the pair.

You can likewise purchase things such as a plunge connection, free weight holder, landmine, and so forth…

Where I think Rep Fitness is truly sparkling is in their connection pipeline. Coming in the main quarter of 2020 incorporate a couple of great connections:

Flexible Monolift

Switch Arms

Incorporated Belt Squat

Rep Fitness PR-5000 v2 versus Rep Fitness PR-4000 

One inquiry that is beginning to emerge is 'the reason the PR-5000 v2 over the PR-4000'? Both are incredible racks, yet here are a couple of snappy reasons why one may pick the PR-5000 v2 over the PR-4000:

Tempered Steel – The PR-5000 v2 rack is accessible in hardened steel, though the PR-4000 comes in the silver or clear coat. In case you're searching for an impeccable rack, the PR-5000 v2 will be an extremely appealing alternative.

100″ Height – The PR-5000 v2 comes in three statures, including a 100″ choice. The PR-4000 comes in two statures, with 93″ being the tallest.

Laser Numbered Holes – The PR-5000 v2 incorporates laser number gaps on each gap, though the PR-4000 remembers number openings for each fifth gap.

1″ Holes/Hardware – The PR-5000 v2 incorporates 1″ openings and equipment versus 5/8″ gaps on the PR-4000.

Select Attachment – It is not yet clear precisely what this will involve, however, given the diverse gap measures, the connections will be marginally extraordinary. It additionally seems like the PR-5000 will incorporate some one of a kind connections, while they will likewise have comparative style connections crosswise over the two frameworks.

Working for the PR-4000 incorporates its cost and possibly the coordinated Westside dividing. Westside can be accomplished on the PR-5000 with the brought down j-cups.

All things considered, this appears to be an exceptional offering from Rep Fitness… appealing value point, extraordinary alternatives, solid connection lineup/pipeline, and so forth…

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